8 Nail Polish MUST-HAVES for FALL

 Instantly transform any OPI glossy polish to a matte consistency when applying the OPI Matte Top Coat at the end of your manicure. Also protects against chipping and helps your manicure last longer.

 The hues of reds and oranges remind me of the beautiful colors of October when the leaves begin to change in my hometown. The polish is pigmented enough that one coat does the job (although I always get two), and like all OPI polishes, it doesn’t chip easily.

 Have you ever looked at your nails right after they’ve been polished and wished they would still have that wet look when they’re dry? All of the Marc Jacobs High-Shine polishes that I’ve used give my nails that just painted appearance and make my DIY manicures look salon professional.

With dark shades of purple and shimmered tones of reds and copper, this is definitely one of my favorites for fall and winter.

 Trying to label this color is nearly impossible. At first glance I thought it was dark gold, however, hues of olive, grey, chocolate, and copper transform the appearance depending on the time of day.  

With dark polishes even the smallest of chips can be seen, so when opting for black I always use Chanel. It’s durability means I don’t  have to carry the polish everywhere I go and the applicator brush makes it simple enough to not smear it everywhere when painting my own nails.

I don’t know what it is about this polish, but every time I decide to get a red manicure, I unintentionally manage to pick OPI 'Vodka and Caviar' amidst the dozens of reds offered. I guess you could say I sort of like this color…..

This navy tone is a great option for sticking to dark shades but not going too traditional. I also like glossy versus matte finishes so that the blue hues stand out more. China Glaze also dries quickly making it easier if you’re going to do your own nails.

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  1. I totally agree with you - very good " must have " list :) I do have the Black Satin (Chanel) and it is truly a bless for my nails !